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Novedades Oracle Database Cloud Service - Julio 2018

Julio 2018
Consolidated patching commands for single-instance deployments
Previously, you used different command-line utilities with different subcommands and options to perform patching operations on the cloud tooling, database and OS software on deployments of single-instance databases.
Now, all the patching operations across all these types of software are consolidated under a single command:
dbaascli patch software action
where software is db (database), os (OS) or tools (cloud tooling) and action is a patching operation like list or apply.
When you create a new database deployment hosting a single-instance database, it will include these consolidated patching commands. To use these new commands in an existing deployment, you must first update the deployment's cloud tooling by running the following, now-obsolete command (as the root user) one last time:
dbaascli dbpatchm --run -toolsinst -rpmversion=LATEST
Cloud tooling update available for deployments hosting Oracle RAC databases
The 18.3.1 update to cloud tooling is available to apply to existing Database Cloud Service database deployments that host Oracle RAC databases.
To apply this update, use the tag 1831 when following the instructions Updating the Cloud Tooling by Using the raccli Utility in Administering Oracle Database Cloud Service.
July 2018 PSU, BP and RU patches available to apply to existing deployments
The July 2018 Patch Set Update (PSU), Bundle Patch (BP) and Release Update (RU) are now available to patch existing Database Cloud Service database deployments, provided that you use a command-line utility to apply the patch. Which of these patches you apply depends on the Oracle Database version of your deployment.
Before you apply the appropriate patch, make sure your deployment has the latest version of cloud tooling, as described in Updating the Cloud Tooling on Database Cloud Service in Administering Oracle Database Cloud Service.
For information about using command-line utilities to apply a patch, see these topics in Administering Oracle Database Cloud Service:
  • For database deployments hosting a single-instance database, see Applying a Patch by Using the dbaascli Utility.
  • For database deployments hosting an Oracle Data Guard configuration of single-instance databases, see Applying a Patch by Using the dbpatchmdg Utility.
  • For database deployments hosting an Oracle RAC database or Oracle Data Guard configuration of Oracle RAC databases, see Applying a Patch by Using the raccli Utility and provide the tag value for your database version:
    • 28297157 for Oracle Database Release 12.2
    • 27968010 for Oracle Database Release 12.1
    • 27967757 for Oracle Database Release 11.2
    Currently, you cannot use the raccli utility to apply this update to a deployment that hosts Oracle Database Release 18c.
Apr 2018 PSU, BP or RU integrated into base image for single-instance databases
The April 2018 PSU (Patch Set Update), BP (Bundle Patch) or RU (Release Update), depending on Oracle Database version, is now integrated into the base image for new Database Cloud Servicedatabase deployments that host single-instance databases and Data Guard configurations with single-instance primary and standby databases. When you create such a database deployment, it will already include the PSU, BP or RU functionality.

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