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Novedades Oracle Database Cloud Service - Noviembre 2018

November 2018
Jul 2018 PSU, BP or RU integrated into base image for single-instance databases
The July 2018 PSU (Patch Set Update), BP (Bundle Patch) or RU (Release Update), depending on Oracle Database version, is now integrated into the base image for new Database Cloud Service database deployments that host single-instance databases and Data Guard configurations with single-instance primary and standby databases. When you create such a database deployment, it will already include the PSU, BP or RU functionality.
Faster patchingDatabase Cloud Service patching time is now faster by approximately fifty percent.
New versions for SQL Developer Web, ORDS, APEX and ORE
New versions of several components have been integrated into the base image for single-instance databases:
  • Oracle SQL Developer Web version 18.2.1
  • Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) version 18.1.0
  • Oracle Application Express (APEX) version
  • Oracle R Enterprise (ORE) version 1.5.1

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